mercoledì 15 ottobre 2014

Etsy School Pinterest

2014 is the Etsy School year, a series of monthly educational modules to help sellers to use some tools at their best to improve their shops.
A Dream of Leaves' earrings
Earrings by A Dream Of Leaves, the cover of the EIT board
September was about Pinterest, a social network that gathers images, videos and animated gifs organized in boards with a theme.
The EtsyItalia team has taken part with a group of sellers, the result appears in this board Etsy School EIT members in which we shared our creations.
Pin by La Mandragola
Pin by La Mandragola, the maker of the EIT board
We have worked both in pair, this is my "deskmate"'s board :) Nitrobijoux, and in group. We have shared info, doubts, tips.
Bases for pendants by Nitrobijoux
Bases for pendants by Nitrobijoux
Before September Pinterest was a mistery to me, I didn't understood how to pin, how to create boards and how take advantage from this beautiful social network, exept for inspiration. Now I can use it quite well, this is my page Mairitales, how about it? :)

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