venerdì 15 luglio 2011

Now you are my guest - Bijouxdellostregatto

From now a new section to host artists I know, great artists for me :)

Romantic creations, delicate as the petals of a rose, fresh as the dew on the flowers in a sunny, sweet morning.
This is the spirit of Bijouxdellostregatto, a beautiful shop on Etsy and a collection of curated, lovely items.

Bijouxdellostregatto's earrings

Jewelry, elegant bookmarks, cell-phone pouches presented in soft light pictures.
Pink, light blue, nautical themes seems to be the favourites of this artist.
A year ago I bought from her a wonderful necklace for my mom, this one:

Bijouxdellostregatto's necklace

I have to say that this necklace in person is better than in photo and soft to the touch, amazing! :)
Priscilla, the person behind the brand Bijouxdellostregatto, is a very sweet, beautiful woman, very kind and elegant. I've never known a person so quiet and sweet :)

Bijouxdellostregatto's pendant

Take a peek in her sho
and in her facebook page

Today is her birthday, best wishes Priscilla :D

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  1. Un mega regalo di compleanno!!
    Non so proprio come ringraziarti, sono onoratissima!!! Grazie!!! ♥♥♥