giovedì 4 agosto 2011


Collage Etsy Italia Team

1. Mermaid - CloudNumberNine
2. Wave island necklace - Chickslab
3. Mermaid Tears - LaPerlaa
4. Spuma di mare Earrings - Betsy

I follow your voice, mermaids, to see the light of the sea.

mercoledì 3 agosto 2011

Five best blogs

Yesterday I had a wonderful surprise, a prize for my blog, the first one :D
Ilenia give me it. She is a crafter, her handpainted ceramic pendants and creations are so beautiful and delicate, please, visit her:

Etsy shop

Best Blog logo

Now I have to give the prize to five blogs. It is a hard choice, I know a lot of wonderful blogs, but here you are the five winners:

Cuori di pietra

I have chosen them because they are poetic, their blogs have a beautiful graphics and theay are sweet persons :)

martedì 2 agosto 2011

Nautical shabby chic

I don't like sea or nautical theme very much, but there is a kind of style, between nautical and shabby chic, that fascinate me in a strange way. Light colors mixed with blue and red, some grey and a lot of white. Lighthouses in the shades of the summer sky, lost shells, faux starfishes, clear sand, soft cotton fabric.

Miniature ship for dollhouse

I know that this mixed style is not the real nautical one, but I like it too much for considering something of different about sea :)

Sea items in miniature for dollhouse

My first attempt to create something about the sea is this little roombox, about eight years ago. Pictures are very bad :/

Roombox with shells

I reach the first lovely result with a tutorial written for Piccole Cose (the ADMI magazine), a little woden boat in two colors: white-read and white-blue.

Ships in miniature for dollhouse

But I'm very proud of my "nautical attempts" only with these two shelves :)

Nautical furniture in miniature for dollhouse
boat-shaped, sold out here

Nautical furniture in miniature for dollhouse
bathing cabin-shaped, for sale here

One of my endless projects, to trasform a greenhouse from Ikea in a nautical shabby chic roombox, but I accept suggestions for a shorter project :D