lunedì 1 settembre 2014

Unexpected tea leaves

The end of Summer is near, it is time to prepare miniatures and tutorials for Falltime and Halloween but my head is still full of light and delicate colors.
Some weeks ago I've found in a shop a beautiful branch of faux tea leaves, very realistic, so I've decided to use them for miniatures. These are the first ones, a plant with a natural cotton vase and a white crate with two plants inside.

Two plants in a white crate for dollhouse
Plants with crate, in my Etsy shop
Faux plant for dollhouse
Single plant, in my Etsy shop

I think they will be great in a dollhouse in modern or cottage chic style, combined with furniture in natural colors. In these pictures you can see the plants combined with two bee subject pillows, one of them with a beehive texture and the other one with a lovely vintage bee printed on white cotton.
Plants and pillows for dollhouse in 1:12 scale
Faux plants with bee pillows in 1 inch scale
Plants and pillows in 1:12 scale

Do you have inspirations about a fresh use for these wonderful faux leaves? You may see your ideas come true ;)

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