mercoledì 17 dicembre 2014

Frame with angel

A simple tutorial for dollhouses in 1 inch scale. Happy Holydays :)

Frame with angel for dollhouse
Frame with angel for Dollhouses

You will need
  • Flat wooden sticks 4 mm wide, two 5 cm long and two 4 cm long
  • white air-drying clay
  • white acrylic paint
  • mosquito net
  • grey ink
  • a little sponge
  • item you like (I've used an angel)
  • two part silicone mold putty
  • paint brush
  • white glue
  • cyanoacrylate glue

    Steps for a frame with angel for dollhouses
    The steps of the tutorial

  1. Cut the ends of the wooden sticks at 45° and a rectangle of 3,8 x 4,8 cm (= 1.5 x 1.9 in) from the mosquito net.
  2. Push the item you would duplicate in the silicone gum. When you have the mould, put a little amount of air-drying clay inside it and wait until th eitem is completely dry.
  3. Glue the wooden sticks with the white glue to have a rectangular frame and then paint it whit the white acrylic paint .
  4. When the paint is dry, take a little amount of grey ink with the sponge and rub the frame. Let dry.
  5. Glue the net on the back of the frame with the cyanoacrylate glue.
  6. Glue the replica in the centre of the net with the white glue.
Another decoration for the frame in 1/12 scale
Another kind of decoration for the frame

Have fun! :)

Only for personal use, commercial use is not allowed.

mercoledì 15 ottobre 2014

Etsy School Pinterest

2014 is the Etsy School year, a series of monthly educational modules to help sellers to use some tools at their best to improve their shops.
A Dream of Leaves' earrings
Earrings by A Dream Of Leaves, the cover of the EIT board
September was about Pinterest, a social network that gathers images, videos and animated gifs organized in boards with a theme.
The EtsyItalia team has taken part with a group of sellers, the result appears in this board Etsy School EIT members in which we shared our creations.
Pin by La Mandragola
Pin by La Mandragola, the maker of the EIT board
We have worked both in pair, this is my "deskmate"'s board :) Nitrobijoux, and in group. We have shared info, doubts, tips.
Bases for pendants by Nitrobijoux
Bases for pendants by Nitrobijoux
Before September Pinterest was a mistery to me, I didn't understood how to pin, how to create boards and how take advantage from this beautiful social network, exept for inspiration. Now I can use it quite well, this is my page Mairitales, how about it? :)

lunedì 1 settembre 2014

Unexpected tea leaves

The end of Summer is near, it is time to prepare miniatures and tutorials for Falltime and Halloween but my head is still full of light and delicate colors.
Some weeks ago I've found in a shop a beautiful branch of faux tea leaves, very realistic, so I've decided to use them for miniatures. These are the first ones, a plant with a natural cotton vase and a white crate with two plants inside.

Two plants in a white crate for dollhouse
Plants with crate, in my Etsy shop
Faux plant for dollhouse
Single plant, in my Etsy shop

I think they will be great in a dollhouse in modern or cottage chic style, combined with furniture in natural colors. In these pictures you can see the plants combined with two bee subject pillows, one of them with a beehive texture and the other one with a lovely vintage bee printed on white cotton.
Plants and pillows for dollhouse in 1:12 scale
Faux plants with bee pillows in 1 inch scale
Plants and pillows in 1:12 scale

Do you have inspirations about a fresh use for these wonderful faux leaves? You may see your ideas come true ;)

mercoledì 13 agosto 2014

Poppy for a ring

Here you are the little surprise, a tutorial to make a summertime ring with a lovely poppy :)

Ring with a recycled plastic poppy

You will need
  • Recycled red plastic
  • 3 jingle bells
  • base ring
  • nylon transparent thread
  • cyanoacrylate adhesive
  • long nose plier
  • metal pointed tool
  • scissors
  • tea light or lighter
Tutorial for a ring with a recycled plastic poppy

  1. I've used a plastic bottle of a poppy shower gel. You can use also a plastic water bottle.

  2. Cut a circle of about 3 cm (1.2 in) in diameter from the plastic, hold the circle with the pliers and move the flame of a tea light or a lighter under the perimeter of the plastic circle.

  3. Heat the metal pointed tool on the flame and make a hole in the centre of the plastic circle.

  4. Now you have a plastic corolla, three jingle bells and the ring base.
  5. Thread the three jingle bells with the nylon transparent thread. Thread the two ends of the nylon through the hole of the corolla.

  6. Put a little amount of cyanoacrylate adhesive between the ring base and the corolla. Tie tightly the ends of the nylon thread to the ring base. Let dry.
Ring with a recycled plastic poppy

Only for personal use, commercial use is not allowed.

domenica 3 agosto 2014


Poppies wreath fo dollhouse
Poppies wreath in miniature

On woven head wreath or in Thanatos' (Death), Nyx's (Night) and Morpheus (Dream) hands, poppies are symbol of oblivion. The red poppy, with its silk petals, has moderate calming properties, Papaver somniferum, with its large mauve petals, has sleeping and narcotic properties.

Meadow with poppies in miniature
Meadow with poppies in miniature
In Commonwealth countries red poppies are symbol to remember soldier who have died during the World Wars. Red poppies are distributed during Remembrance Day on November the 11th, the day when in 1918 World War I ended.
Its soft and red petals are irresistible. I've tried to reproduce them in miniature, with tissue paper, on wreaths, frames and little corner of meadow.

Frame with poppies for dollhouse
Frame with poppies in miniature
Poppies inspired to me a tutorial, do you want to know about it? Stay tuned :)

martedì 22 luglio 2014

Angel of Grief

Angel of Grief picture
Angel of Grief

A beautiful angel lays on a tomb, grieved deeply for a loss. This statue is very famous. The original is in the Acatholic Cemetery inRome, where I took the photo.
There are copies of this statue in the USA, some music bands ahve the picture of this statue on the cover of their albums, as Nightwish'sOnce.

Angel of Grief picture
Angel of Grief

To stand in front of the authentic Angel of Grief is a great experience. Among the tombs, in Spring and Summertime, there are a lot of Hydrangeas, so beautiful.

Hydrangea picture

The tomb and the silence of the old Cemetery reminded me the Latin motto "Sic transit gloria mundi". It is for "Thus passes the glory of the world", a motto to remember mortality and the passing nature of earthly glories.

Angel of grief magnet
Angel of Grief magnet

sabato 5 luglio 2014

Colouring polymer clay

Yesterday I've seen a wonderful video about the creation of an apple in polymer clay, so I've done some experiments with different kind of powders on rough polymer clay.

I've used powder from low cost and high cost chalks, expired eye shadows and pearl ex.
Colours are red and green, polymer clay is white for the first four couples and black for the last one.

Colouring polymer clay

The main tool is... my finger :) for a cleaner work you can use a soft brush or a little sponge.

Colouring polymer clay tools

Here I've used low cost chalks, the powder is not so soft and the colour on the clay is very light.

Colouring polymer clay low cost chalks
Low cost chalks

These are high cost chalks, for artists, the powder is fine and on the clay the colour is rich and velvety. I think these are very natural and great for miniature food.

Colouring polymer clay chalks for artists
Chalks for artists
Colouring polymer clay brioches in miniature
Brioches in miniature

These are eye shadows, the effect is light but a little shining. I think they are great to have a watercolour effect.

Colouring polymer clay eye shadows
Eye shadows
Colouring polymer clay watercolour effect
Buttons with watercolour effect

Here we have the pearl ex with their metallic and shining effect, mainly on the black clay. The colour often change when applied on the clay.

Colouring polymer clay pearl ex
Pearl ex
Colouring polymer clay pearl ex
Fall leaves

Here the colours after baking. If you have to colour jewerly it is better to protect the item with transparent varnish.

Colouring polymer clay

A little strange experiment in the picture below, I've used a spice, maybe turmeric, on white clay :)

Colouring polymer clay spice

Only for personal use, commercial use is not allowed.