mercoledì 13 agosto 2014

Poppy for a ring

Here you are the little surprise, a tutorial to make a summertime ring with a lovely poppy :)

Ring with a recycled plastic poppy

You will need
  • Recycled red plastic
  • 3 jingle bells
  • base ring
  • nylon transparent thread
  • cyanoacrylate adhesive
  • long nose plier
  • metal pointed tool
  • scissors
  • tea light or lighter
Tutorial for a ring with a recycled plastic poppy

  1. I've used a plastic bottle of a poppy shower gel. You can use also a plastic water bottle.

  2. Cut a circle of about 3 cm (1.2 in) in diameter from the plastic, hold the circle with the pliers and move the flame of a tea light or a lighter under the perimeter of the plastic circle.

  3. Heat the metal pointed tool on the flame and make a hole in the centre of the plastic circle.

  4. Now you have a plastic corolla, three jingle bells and the ring base.
  5. Thread the three jingle bells with the nylon transparent thread. Thread the two ends of the nylon through the hole of the corolla.

  6. Put a little amount of cyanoacrylate adhesive between the ring base and the corolla. Tie tightly the ends of the nylon thread to the ring base. Let dry.
Ring with a recycled plastic poppy

Only for personal use, commercial use is not allowed.

domenica 3 agosto 2014


Poppies wreath fo dollhouse
Poppies wreath in miniature

On woven head wreath or in Thanatos' (Death), Nyx's (Night) and Morpheus (Dream) hands, poppies are symbol of oblivion. The red poppy, with its silk petals, has moderate calming properties, Papaver somniferum, with its large mauve petals, has sleeping and narcotic properties.

Meadow with poppies in miniature
Meadow with poppies in miniature
In Commonwealth countries red poppies are symbol to remember soldier who have died during the World Wars. Red poppies are distributed during Remembrance Day on November the 11th, the day when in 1918 World War I ended.
Its soft and red petals are irresistible. I've tried to reproduce them in miniature, with tissue paper, on wreaths, frames and little corner of meadow.

Frame with poppies for dollhouse
Frame with poppies in miniature
Poppies inspired to me a tutorial, do you want to know about it? Stay tuned :)