giovedì 19 dicembre 2013

Christmas trees in miniature

Christmas tree in miniature for dollhouse

Alfredo Cattabiani in his book "Florario" writes that till the Ancient Egypt the fir (Abies alba) is considered the tree of the nativity. In Greece ot was sacred to Artemis, the Moon. In North Europe and Northern Asia the fir is considered a Cosmic Tree, tied to the winter solstice.
In the Middle Age in Norse and in ancient Germanic territories, a fir was brought inside home and decorated with wreaths, painted eggs and sweets. Only in 1840, at French Court, the fir became the Christmas Tree.

Christmas trees in miniature for dollhouse

Christmas trees in miniature for dollhouse

Christmas trees in miniature for dollhouse

Christmas trees in miniature making of

Also this year I've made Christmas trees in miniature, some very little, protected under glass domes, some larger, always in 1/12 scale.
I've covered the trees with white paint, decorated with beads, bows, tiny glitters; a very useful pick up tools, with a sticky tip, helped me: the Pinflair, you can see it on Joanna Sheen website.
These little trees are better than my real Christmas tree, maybe I'll post some picture of it... maybe.

Christmas supplies

Christmas trees in miniature for dollhouse

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  1. Il mini scenario di abeti innevati nella campana di vetro è incantevole! Sembra di sentire l'odore dell'inverno, la voce del silenzio, l'attesa di tutte le piccole creature che, sicuramente, sono lì nascoste tra i rami.
    Il Florario... quanti ricordi! ;)

    1. Grazie! :D Userò spesso il florario nei prossimi post e non sarà l'unica fonte di ispirazione ;)